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Two Decades of Termite & Pest-free Homes in Central Florida

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Two Decades of Pest-Free Living

At Regional Termite & Pest Control, we have been effectively eliminating pests from homes and businesses throughout Central Florida for over 25 years. Keeping your home pest-free is a full-time job, and our courteous and knowledgeable technicians are rigorously trained to meet this challenge.

We offer comprehensive protection for your home or business against infestations of termites, mosquitoes, ants, roaches, and more. Homeowners in Central Florida can have peace of mind knowing their properties are safeguarded from the threat of pests.

With our extensive experience, stretching over two decades in Florida, we understand that pests are active and abundant all year round. Therefore, your home and business need year-round protection. As your home or commercial property is likely one of your biggest investments, our dedicated exterminators provide innovative pest solutions to help you protect your assets.

For effective pest control and termite treatment in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Ocala, and St. Petersburg, call Regional Termite & Pest Control at the first sign of damage or activity. Pests can cause costly and extensive damage, so prompt action is essential.

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Protect Your Business, Family & Home

Our advanced pest control solutions will ensure pests and bugs don’t take you by surprise. Our fully staffed office has operators standing by and multiple technicians on the road ready to handle any problem that may need attention.

Worried About Ants?

Clearwater, FL ants are a big problem. Florida is the “ant capital” of the United States and our tropical environment is host to over 200 species of ants. The most common types of ants in Clearwater are big-headed ants and ghost ants. Some people call them sugar ants.

Ant eradication or extermination in Clearwater can be difficult. We do NOT recommend using contact kill sprays to try and kill ants. Even though it kills them immediately it does not take care of the main problem, the ant colony. Ant sprays can cause ants to spread into different rooms in your house or business during a process called budding. Budding is when ants start to establish new colonies.

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Cockroach Control Treatment and Prevention in Clearwater

Do you find the infestation of roaches in your residential or commercial building horrifying or distressing? You aren’t alone! Roaches are still one of the ugliest bugs you can find on your property, and finding them can be very upsetting. If you live in Central Florida cockroach removal is always an ongoing battle. A pest control service can eliminate the current infestation, but there is very little stopping the next wave from heading to your doorstep.

No matter how determined you are in the fight to keep cockroaches from entering your home or business, it is often just a matter of time before you begin to see the tell-tale signs. If you see cockroach egg cases, droppings or experience one skittering into a dark corner when you turn on the light at night, then it is time to call in the pest control professionals.

Let Regional Termite & Pest Control be your first call if you notice a pest infestation.

Don't Let Pesky Pests & Bugs Catch You Off Guard

Pest Control and Treatment Options in St Petersburg

Regional Termite & Pest Control has the experience needed to successfully offer the prevention needed to protect your home and business.

Pests ranging from ants to roaches to termites and many more try to infiltrate your home or business property on a daily basis. Our granular foundation barrier, liquid exterior, and odorless interior treatment will provide the protection you need. Our expert technicians will also survey the exterior of your property and eliminate any wasp nests, mud daubers and spider webs. We are so confident that our service will give you the protection you need.

We give you a 90 day / quarterly or 365 / annual guarantee pending which service you purchase.