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Termites are prevalent pests found in Florida homes due to the humidity and the long rainy season. Many types of termites, like dry wood termites, are more active during the summertime. However, we often do not notice evidence of termites until it is too late. With the hot weather here to stay for a while, it is crucial to treat your home for termites now if you suspect you have them. It’s even more important to treat the outside of your home on a quarterly basis to keep them at bay in the first place.

How to Keep Termites Out of Your House

It is vital to take precautions to keep termites away from your house. It would be best if you never store firewood close to your home. It should be at least 20 feet away. Also, remember that trees should not be planted in close proximity to your house because this can attract termites.

Termites are attracted to moisture – especially standing water. It’s best to reduce any standing water or excessive condensation in or around your house. It is a good idea to fix leaks throughout your home since termites thrive in moist environments.

Remember to visually inspect for termites from time to time to make sure that termite colonies are not forming. Look for mud tubes, which termites use to transport their food from its source to the colony. Most importantly, you want to make sure when constructing your house that you plan on using a concrete foundation. This makes termites less likely to be attracted to your home and cause costly damage. Although, they can still damage all the wood structures that are close by or still in the house.

Different Ways of Treating Termites

There are two ways that are most common in treating termites, non-chemical and chemical. The non-chemical treatments can be barriers set up during the construction of the property and even different types of fungi. The chemical treatments for termites include:
● Wood treatments.
● Liquid termiticides that are put into the soil.
● Building materials that come with termiticides already in them.

The EPA must approve all the chemical treatments or pesticides that are used for termites to make sure they are safe to use. It is not safe to use liquid termiticides that go into the soil by yourself since it can cause potential damage to your property if not applied properly. That is why you should hire us to have one of our technicians come out and ensure everything is done correctly.

How to get a Jumpstart on Treating your Home for Termites.

Specific signs of termites may be mud tubes, hollow-sounding wood, or paint starting to bubble. If you notice any of these signs, call and have one of our technicians provide a thorough termite inspection. We will carefully examine your home for termites and recommend the appropriate termite treatment and protection.

We often use Termidor to protect your property. Termidor is one of the most effective products in warding off termites. It is trusted in the industry as one of the most effective termite shields. In fact, we trust Termidor so much that every treatment involving Termidor has a $250,000 warranty against further termite damages.

What About Termites that are Hard to get Rid of?

Since it is summertime and it is hot and humid, dry wood termites are very active. Your house is more susceptible to getting termites now, especially dry wood termites. Many treatments do not work for dry wood termites. In order to get rid of the dry wood termites, we have to treat the wood that they have taken over directly. It is crucial always to contact a professional to help treat dry wood termites.

At Regional Termite and Pest Control, We offer a free termite inspections so you can get to the root of your termite problem. We can quickly identify which type of termites are infesting your property and come up with a solution. Call today at 352-624-3797 in the Ocala area or 727-422-0999 if you’re in Tampa Bay. We can tackle whatever is bugging you and keep pests out of your home with regular treatments. To learn more, visit www.regionaltermiteandpestcontrol.com.